German Military Flectarn Parka

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  • Widely loved Flecktarn camo pattern on a great quality parka with an array of pockets. The perfect jacket for hunters and campers while out on cold-weather adventures.
  • Issued to the Bundeswehr (the unified armed forces of Germany), this parka sports Flecktarn, a camouflage developed from a long line of ancestors dating back to just before WWII.
  • Many agree Flecktarn is one of the best camouflages to wear both in and out of the field (unless you live in Germany).
  • Fleck parkas are about more than just looks — they feature water-resistant fabric, plenty of pocket space, and a cut built for retaining agility while keeping yourself covered. There are even zippers at the armpits for cooling off the body or warming your hands. The Germans have well-mastered parka engineering.


  • Thick poly/cotton water-resistant fabric
  • High waist zipper closure with snap-secured storm flap enables the wearer to bend and crouch without restriction
  • Cinch cord fasteners at the waist, thighs, and in the hood
  • Two snap-secured front breast pockets
  • Two zippered front hand pockets
  • Velcro® secured inside pocket
  • Velcro® wrist cuff fasteners
  • Straps for shoulder marks, rank tabs, etc.
  • Zippered armpits for venting heat or warming hands
  • Shoulder pocket

Varying Specs for Pre-2005 Parkas

  • Parkas dated 1992 and before have brass snaps, while parkas dated 1993 and after having plastic snaps
  • Parkas dated 1994 and before have the shoulder pocket on the right arm, while parkas dated 1995 and after having it on the left
  • Depending on the manufacturer, the tone of the parka will vary. Varying Specs for Pre and Post-2005 Parkas
  • Some parkas include a Velcro® fastener on the arm
  • Most parkas include a Velcro® fastener above the left front pocket for name tape


  • Flecktarn Camo


  • New/Used, Very Good

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"Amazing service and Amazing quality. Thank you Coenie"
Riza van Rooyen

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